04 July - 16:00
SunDance - Paax (Tulum)
Sundance at Folie Marine brings Paax (Tulum).

PAAX “to make music" in Maya Language.
TULUM is the place where we get the energy to create the music.

Latin American artists and producers, world travelers and fusion rhythms lovers, faithless about their latin roots, PAAX (Tulum) has achieved a very own sound thanks to different culture musical influence and the assembly of natural instruments, with electronic bases and experimental nuances, reason that has led them to perform at the best festivals and music parties around the world, with the support of great artists.
Based beetween Mexico and Spain, German Wagener and Nicolas Damonte, argentine producers are the head of PAAX (Tulum), with more than 15 years of experience in the music industry.

Line Up:
Seret 47, Bani D, Paax (Tulum)
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