16 July - 19:00
Moments - Sundance
As the press release says, “Moments is the home for the music lovers community that loves to experience, create, dream and share their passion with others.”

After years of worldwide touring and experience in electronic music, Guy Mantzur arrived at the boiling point where he believed it was the right time to create his point of view for the “ultimate party experience”.

With thoughtful location, artists and decoration scouting, Moments is planning to provide that perfect experience giving all participants a feeling of community that brings together those “unforgettable magic moments”.

On starting Moments, Guy said: “For quite a while I had this inner feeling, wanting to create a comfortable environment where people could come together, spend time together, experience great innovative music together and most important - feel at home.”

This July, Moments will return again in Albania with Guy Mantzur, Sahar Z and Britta Arnold.

We want to invite everyone to be part of this unforgettable experience!

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